drawing Freehand Drawing Assignments. Objective and Subjective Portraiture. Art History Revisions. Palindromes. Landscapes.
basic design Basic Design Assignments. Texture illustration. The range of rendering possibly using Ovaltine, Paint, Pencils, Scissors, Glue, Oregano, and Photoshop. Four compositions showing Grid / Balance. Open and Closed form composition using found typography.
binary icon design Binary Icon. Creative exploration of opposites (binary) relationships implying life death, shiny encrusted, loud quiet, black white, visible invisible, soft hard, readable unreadable, written spoken, yes no, male female, etc.
artist books design Artist Books. Using the book as a form create a portrait of someone you know personally and reveal some little known fact. You may incorporate text which illustrates, compounds, or contradicts your images.
typography design Exquisite Corpse Typography. You will be given a part of the body to illustrate using only typography--head, torso, or legs. Develop your section with considerable detail and combine your section with those of your teammates.
spoof poster design A series of five posters which subvert a prevailing concept or explore the topic using statistics. Possibilities include fantasy narratives, revisionist advertising, propaganda.
cwu web design CWU Student Web Sites. An assortment of offerings including faux documentaries, public service announcements, flash animations, intertextual networks, and as always, the form tag.
faux documentary design Faux Documentaries. Construct a faux documentary or appropriate an official interface to convey subjective content. Official = Corporate, Military, Science, Government, Consumer Site (Shopping), Mass Media venue, Museum, School, or other institution.
crreative interface design Interface Attractions. How can the html language be used to disrupt, contrast, or challenge the expected interface and interface design? The projects here explore the aesthetics of the html tag.

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